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The club will reimburse coaches for the necessary OSA coaching courses upon completion of, and in consideration for, a season of coaching. Any coaches interested in taking an OSA course, should contact the club's Head Coach, Terry Maddison, at there is enough interest, the club will consider running its own course.

For information on available courses, see


From Steven Hill, Technical Director (June 2012)


I would like to draw your attention to a superb coach education resource to help with your practice planning. The site is operated by Barney Jones, one of the Senior Coach Educators in England. It offers practice plans, games, warm ups and other soccer material for beginner and experienced coaches alike. Barney is a great friend of the Caledon Soccer Club and has, on 3 occasions, travelled to Canada to deliver courses to our players and coaches. If you are looking for great content for your practices, enrol on Barney's web site at

At just over $15/yr., it is a superb value.



Coaches Tips  

Suggestions for first phone call to contact players from your House League team list. It's a lot of info but it's important to establish with the parent that you are organized and committed to  helping their child to have the best soccer experience possible.

1. Identify that you are a coach from Caledon Soccer Club and that their child will be on your team this season.  

2. Ask them their name and the name of the other parent. This will give you a clue whether the parents live together without actually asking.

3. Ask for any other appropriate phone number, cell number, etc. Give them your phone number and email address.

4. Tell them the sponsor of the team and a slight blurb about who the sponsor is. If you know the colour of the team jerseys and the player is under12 tell them because this is sometimes important for younger players and will help the parents find you on the field at the first practice.

5. Ask if the player has played before, how many years, whether they have played at Caledon, are they familiar with the field location and numbers.  Tell them the field number, time and date for the first practice. Explain when jerseys, shorts and socks will be distributed. If they have not played in Caledon previously, the parent may require directions to our fields.

6. Tell them that each player will require cleats, shin pads, water bottle and the proper size soccer ball for their age group. Find out what size ball is required for your age group before phoning. Advise that the player write their family name using magic marker on the ball & bring the ball to every practice.

7. Ask the parent for any specific allergies or medical conditions that the coach should know. 

8. Suggest that the parents come to each practice and game so that they may help to support their child and cheer for the team.

9. Be enthusiastic in each phone call to show that you happy to be their coach. Tell the parent that you are a volunteer, that you welcome tactful, positive suggestions and encourage them to contribute to the team by helping in whatever way they are comfortable.

10. Finish by telling the parent that you are looking forward to a fun summer helping their child to improve their soccer skills and making new friends on your team. 


What I Have Learned From You
Submitted by Cameron Lindsey

I've coached for 16 years and players have taught me many things. These are a few things that you taught me...
1. A kind phrase of praise gives a better boost of energy or relief of pain than any drug that you may be tempted to take.
2. When you are hurting inside or outside sooner or later you will get over it. Choose sooner.
3. A true teammate will give extra effort to make you look good, knowing that someday you will do the same for them
4. It's ok to make what you think at that time is a mistake. Later you will learn it was just a stumbled step on the path to improvement.
5. A team is only as good as its weakest player. Try to help that teammate improve and you will also get better while you help them.
6. If you are not as skilled as another player, you can still be as good with verbal support and good positioning.
7. Watching any other good player or coach will help to give you ideas to improve your own skills. Practice imitating their moves and soon you will be just as good.
8. A true leader leads by example and a great player tries just as hard in practice as in a game.
9. Anger is natural in sports and in life but it will drain you. As soon as possible replace it with positive thoughts and actions to improve the situation.
10. To remember something important make it into a funny phrase. If you forget how to do this, just ask someone smart like the wise Chinese soccer players Look Say Do and Far Side Low

11. Accept, with enthusiasm, assignments that you are given. Perform well and eventually you will be rewarded with even more appropriate positions.
12. When you step onto the soccer field you can forget about any other problems in your life and enjoy the game with the opportunity for fun, excitement, new achievements to share personal and team bests.
13. The score is the least important part of the game. Being able to play and improve your personal and team skills are far more important, as well as the feeling that you have done the best you can do.
14. On the field and off, be more than a spectator. Get involved by watching ahead of you, to the side and behind you. Be like Mr. Swivelhead and he will show you the present, your past and possibilities for your future. Otherwise your life will go by with many missed opportunities.
15. Not everyone in your life, including opponents/parents/coaches will let you do what you want to do at that time. There may be an appropriate reason that is not obvious or cannot be explained at that time.
16. "You meet the people in your life that you are supposed to meet when you are supposed to meet them." "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
17. You will have your parents/ teachers/ coaches / teammates/ opponents in your life for exactly when and for the right amount of time to gain the knowledge that you need to know from them. Respect them and they are more likely to respect you.