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Caledon Soccer's Development Team Program and Philosophy

In short, Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is about putting player-development first. At the end of the day, that’s what everyone involved with our great sport wants. By ensuring fun playing experiences for children, a suitable player development pathway for youth, and opportunities for lifelong participation for all players regardless of age, gender, ability or disability, LTPD provides a framework for the growth and success of the beautiful game in Canada. For more information, click to download the full program details.  

OS LTPD Matrices

LTPD play at tournaments, festivals and exhibition games is governed by the LTPD Matrices set by the OS available at    

OS LTPD YouTube Channel

If you want to hear why Dwayne DeRosario, Diana Matheson, John Herdman, Nick Levett and many more very well respected soccer leaders world wide feel so strongly about the benefits of Long Term Player Development, then click here.    

The purpose of this OS "LTPD" YouTube channel is to share with all those who visit the site relevant comments from Canadian and international soccer leaders and players about why it is so important to focus on developing the skills of our young players.    

The comments here will help create a better understanding around LTPD. Every individual highlighted here offers valuable perspectives on why LTPD is the best approach for all young players as they progress in their soccer life. From the absolute importance of understanding physical literacy to why Canada has work to do to "catch up" with much of the rest of the soccer-playing world, the comments available here are well worth listening to.    

To view some of this very valuable and educational information from leading players and coaches in soccer in Canada and internationally please click here.

Alex Chiet, OS Chief Technical Officer