Rules and Regulations

The Ontario Soccer Association's Governing Documents, Rules and Policies

can be found HERE.


Dog Policy

The following signs will be posted at our fields this summer: 

"For player and spectator safety, please do not bring dogs into the park during soccer activities."


Soccer Nets Safety Policy

All parents, coaches, referees and members are asked to assist with ensuring the safety of everyone participating and/or spectating at the Caledon East Soccer Complex. Climbing on any of the soccer nets is extremely dangerous and is strictly prohibited by Town of Caledon By-Law No. 2005-112. The death of a Bradford teen in 2014 is a stark reminder of the dangers of using nets improperly. Please supervise children at all times and do not let them climb on nets. 

In addition to enforcement and penalties outlined in the Town of Caledon By-Law No. 2005-112, failure to comply may also result in losing the right to attend at the soccer complex. Anyone seen climbing the nets will initially be given a verbal warning. Failure to comply with verbal warnings will result in a written notice. Anyone failing to comply after two written notices will be barred from continuing to participate in soccer activities or attending at the soccer complex during soccer activities.

In an effort to remove additional risks associated with the portable nets in use at the Caledon East Soccer Complex, the club executive has also instituted a policy to have these portable nets stored off the fields and locked together. It will be the responsibility of the coaches to unlock the nets to place them on the field, and return them to their locked storage location before and after every use. Coaches will also be responsible for ensuring that stakes, if required for securing nets, are obtained from and returned to the snack bar before and after every use to ensure that no stakes are left in the fields creating a further hazard.

Thank you for your support of a safe soccer experience.