Code of Conduct

It is the expectation of the Caledon Soccer Club (CSC) that all affiliated with the Club will conduct themselves in a manner which allows all players the opportunity to reach their full potential and most important, enjoy the game. This Code of Conduct provides the principles by which everyone associated with the Club must comply. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action that could result in the termination of membership if a player and/or coach or termination of employment of referees. Playing fair also has to do with making choices. As we interact with each other in sport, or as spectators in sport, we must regularly consider and define what we think is right and what is not. 

As our children interact with each other in sport, their ability to think and learn about fair play issues matures along with their ability to think and learn about what makes for a rewarding and fulfilling life in society.

As mandated by the OSA through Peel Halton Soccer Association, the Club complies with the Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to abuse (verbal or physical) of referees, team officials or players. Anyone guilty of abuse will be permanently expelled from the club and its facilities.

  • Act at all times according to the Caledon Soccer Club “Fair Play Code” for players, coaches, referees and parents.
  • Abusive behaviour and communication styles are not acceptable.
  • Use of profanity is prohibited.
  • Smoke, or the consumption of alcohol in the playing and spectator area is prohibited.
  • Keeping fields and parks clean or garbage, respecting municipal By-laws and the neighbours for parking is expected and encouraged.


  • Will play co-operatively with team mates
  • Will treat opponents, game officials, coaches and spectators with respect
  • Will arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before game time. Rep players will vary and will be determined by the coaching staff.
  • Should arrive in their uniform ready to play.
  • Will keep their shirts tucked into their shorts during play
  • Must wear shin guards for all games and practices – no exceptions.
  • Cannot wear metal cleats for recreational games.


  • Will set an example of fair play, respect of others and good sportsmanship through example during the season.
  • Of recreational teams will ensure that each player is on the field for 50% of game time.
  • Will speak respectfully to players, officials and parents.
  • Will officer constructive feedback in an effort to improve the skills of their players.


  • Will officiate the game in a fair, non-partisan and unbiased manner
  • Will follow the rules set by their governing body.
  • Be respectful when addressing players, coaches, spectators or parents.


  • Will treat players, referees, opponents and other spectators with respect.
  • Must stand on the opposite side of the field from players and coaches.
  • Will not step onto the field during the game.
  • Will maintain a distance of not less than three meters from the field during the game.
  • Must ensure young spectators in their care do not interrupt the game and remain well away from the field.
  • Will not play with a ball any closer than five meters from the field.
  • Pets are prohibited at the fields.
  • Parents will also abide by the rules as noted in the attachment to the Player Registration Form.