Communications Policy

Proper communication within the Caledon Soccer Club is vital to our success. These policies have been created to ensure that a minimum level of communication is maintained within the club. Efforts should be made to ensure that where possible, the standards and frequency of communication meet the requirements of the club members.


1.   Notice of Annual General Meetings (AGM)/ Special General Meetings (SGM), from the Caledon Soccer Club Caledon Soccer Club Constitution By-Law #1, shall be given to all Members at least 14 days before the meeting is to be held, at such place, and at such date as the Board of Directors may determine.   Such notification shall be by website notice, newspaper announcement, email, regular mail or as determined appropriate by the Board of Directors.

2.   Minutes of the AGM and SGMs will be approved at the following AGM or SGM and made available to the club members within two weeks of their approval upon request.

3.   Board of Directors: Upon written request, Board meeting minutes may be made accessible to the club members within two weeks of their approval at the following scheduled board meeting. 

4.   Additional committees: Any other committees formed as sub-sections of the board must report as outlined above.

5.   Caledon Soccer Club Bylaws, Policies and Rules: The club bylaws, policies and rules must be made available to club members. Hard copies should be maintained in a binder outside the club office and where possible, should be placed on the Club website.

6.   Membership Communication: Informally, throughout the year, there will be cause to communicate club activities and events to the general membership. To facilitate this, the club maintains a master email distribution list. Where possible, a hard copy of any communications should be maintained at the club for member access. Members should be kept abreast of: 1.Club events (Tournaments, field changes, social activities, meetings, etc.) 2. Volunteer requirements and Communications from The Canadian Soccer Association and The Ontario Soccer Association. 3. Notices of equipment allocations, clarifications on club rules, when necessary, etc.

7.   Portfolio Contacts: Contact information for the Board of Directors, Sub Committees, Working Groups and club staff should be provided to the members.

8.   Website/Social media guidelines: The website must update and maintain these elements as a minimum requirement. All website and social media material will be respectful and abide by the Caledon Soccer Club code of conduct.

Adopted by the Board of Directors on August 21, 2015.