Discipline Policy

Caledon Soccer Club (CSC) follows a strict set of Discipline Policies and Procedures as set out by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).   It is the responsibility of every CSC member to educate themselves on the OSA rules regarding discipline and appeals.    This information can be found on the OSA website at: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/governing-documents-discipline


Discipline Committee

House League

The CSC Discipline Committee is composed of one Board Member and two volunteers.  One committee member must have attended a Discipline Program run by the OSA and is fully qualified to oversee the process.

Competitive Leagues

All the regional, district and provincial leagues have their own discipline procedures.   It is recommended that coaches and team officials familiarize themselves with their respective processes.    The Caledon Soccer Club does provide support at the hearing stage and we will do our best to answer any questions that may arise at the team level.    


Yellow/Red Cards 

Yellow – Two yellow cards in the same game is an automatic dismissal (red card).

Third yellow card in the same playing season results in a 1 game suspension.

Fourth yellow card in the same playing season results in no suspension.

Fifth yellow card in the same playing season results in a 2 game suspension.

Red – If a player is shown a red card but has not received any notification of suspension, they are allowed to play until notified otherwise.  Match Officials have up to five days to submit a report, and the club has 30 days to act.  Do NOT assume that the suspension automatically takes place the following game.


Discipline by Review

 Less serious charges as per the OSA discipline policies, section 9.0. Registrant is found either guilty or not guilty and there is NO APPEAL once the decision is rendered.


Discipline by Hearing

More serious charges as per the OSA discipline policies, section 9.0. The player charged is requested to attend a hearing before the CSC Discipline Committee. A hearing date will be set within the time lines under the process required by the OSA.   The panel will render a decision resulting in either guilty (could result in ban from ALL soccer related activity), or not guilty.    Appeals are allowed after a hearing, but are made to the Ontario Soccer Association.


Special Incident

Reports filed as a result of incidents that take place on or off the field that are outside of the standard ‘laws of the game’ guidelines.    Incidents include:  verbal abuse by team officials, spectator behaviour, weather issues, etc.


Special Note

Any team official who for whatever reason during a game pulls his/her team off the field will be subject to disciplinary action depending on the Discipline Committee findings. Teams will be held responsible if a game is abandoned because of the actions of its players, officials or spectators and will be subject to a disciplinary hearing.   If the team is found guilty, it shall forfeit the game and will be fined as per findings of the Discipline Committee.   Forfeits will be recorded as a 1:0 loss by default.


Referee Assault 

Referee reports are immediately filed to the Peel Halton Soccer Association (PHSA).  The accused player is suspended immediately from playing pending the hearing at Peel Halton.


Appeal Process

For discipline cases which fall under the Discipline by Review policy of the OSA, the accused has the right to request that his/her case be dealt with under the Discipline by Hearing system, should they believe the dismissal was unwarranted.  This request for a hearing must be received within 72 hours of receiving the dismissal and must be accompanied by the Request for Hearing fee of $50.00.

The Caledon Soccer Club will only deal with discipline complaints filed in writing and signed.

Anonymous complaints will not be considered.  There is no appeal of the decision rendered by the committee.  The $50.00 fee is refundable only if the appeal is successful.


Game protests based upon the match official’s interpretation of the ‘laws of the game’ will not be considered.   Match official decisions are final and cannot be overturned.   Protests can only be made on the basis that rules of the Caledon Soccer Club or the Ontario Soccer Association have been broken.

Protests must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a fee of $100.00 which is refundable in the event that the protest is successful.


The Caledon Soccer Club promotes a positive, safe and supportive environment for all members of the public and staff.  Violence, vandalism and inappropriate behaviour are not acceptable and should be reported to the club.      Below are examples of this policy:

  • Be respectful to those around you.
  • Use appropriate language in written and verbal communication.
  • Listen to others express their point of view.
  • Avoid behaviour that would intimidate or discourage others.
  • Report activities such as verbal assaults, threats/aggression, physical harm, alcohol consumption, theft and harassment.
  • Remember to respect property, materials and equipment when using services or participating in club programs.

Adopted by the Board of Directors on September 20, 2015.