Men's League Rules

Caledon Soccer Club Men's League Rules (PDF)


Caledon Soccer Club – Men’s League Rules



League Rules

All play will be governed by FIFA Laws of the Game with the following modifications:


Coach/Team Captain Expectations 

  • Demonstrate fair play, respect of others and good sportsmanship through example during the season.


Game Nights: Tuesday and Thursdays

Kick-off time: 9:00pm.


Match Length
Each game will be 90 minutes, comprised of 45-minute halves.

Minimum Number of Players
The playing format is 11v11. Teams must have at least seven (7) players to begin the match. The clock begins when the referee signals the start of the match; teams with fewer than seven players have a 15-minute grace period before the match is forfeited. Forfeited matches result in a 0-3 score and 3 points for the winning team.

Match officials may remain and agree to officiate an Exhibition game in which they will be paid.  The game will not be rescheduled.


Substitutions will be conducted in accordance with Law 3 of IFAB’s Laws of the Game. 

  • The referee must be informed before any substitution is made
  • The player being substituted receives the referee’s permission to leave the field unless already off the field
  • The player being replaced must exit the field of play at the halfway line EXCEPT when the player being substituted has suffered an injury
  • If a player who is to be replaced refuses to leave, play continues
  • There will be NO substitutions on the fly. In addition, both teams will have an unlimited amount of substitutions.
  • Substitutions can be made on throw-ins (you can piggy back), after a goal has been scored, at half-time, and goal kicks.


Slide Tackles
Slide tackling (sliding and tackling a ball and an opponent) is not permitted at any time, except for goalkeepers, as long as it is in their penalty area and is not feet-first. Sliding for a ball without an opponent present ispermitted.

Players receiving two cautions in a game will immediately leave the field and may not be replaced. Players will serve a minimum of a one game suspension.

Players sent-off (red card) in a game will immediately leave the field and may not be replaced. Players will serve a minimum one game suspension. Players receiving a second red card during a season will serve a minimum two game suspension, and may be subject to further discipline.

All suspensions are to be served with the next played match.

The suspended player is not required to attend the next match. The suspended player should be noted on that match’s game report as serving a suspension; failing to do so may require the player to sit an additional match.

Players who play or attempt to play during a suspension will be suspended for the rest of the season and their team may face further penalties.

Any match that includes fighting, verbal or physical abuse of the referee, or violent conduct may be abandoned immediately. The match will not be rescheduled or replayed and the circumstances of the match will be reviewed by the league director, resulting in any of the following:

Match forfeiture for one or both teams (a team forfeiting a match loses 0-3);

  • Suspension of guilty players;
  • Expulsion of guilty players and/or teams from the league;
  • Banishment of guilty players and/or teams from the league.
  • Teams with excessive cautions and send-offs may be subject to a full team suspension without refund, subject to the discretion of the league convenor.


Any player suspected of suffering a concussion shall be required to obtain clearance from a licensed physician prior to being allowed to participate in the next game.

Uniforms are provided by the Caledon Soccer Club and must be worn at all games.  Any player not wearing Caledon Soccer Club team jersey’s, will be removed from the field of play.

All players must wear shin guards. Any player not wearing shin guards will be removed from the field of play. When the player has put on the shin guards, the assistant referee will perform an equipment check, the substitution or re-entry to play will be allowed by the referee at the next stoppage in play.  

Soccer cleats must be worn but metal cleats are not allowed.

Jewelry is not permitted; this includes but is not limited to wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, religious accessories, fit bits, watches etc.

Hard casts and braces are subject to the referee’s approval; if permitted, they must be covered and padded to the referee’s discretion.


Inclement Weather
For the safety of all participants, Ontario Soccer’s severe weather policy regarding thunder and lightning must be adhered to. The referee is responsible for enforcing this policy and ensuring all spectators, players and coaches adhere to this policy.

When lightning and thunder occurs, the referee will stop play and signal both teams to leave the field of play. For safety reasons both teams and officials must seek shelter under the pavilion (beside the snack bar) or in their cars. Play will not be resumed until 30 minutes has elapsed. Each time thunder or lightning occurs the referee must reset the timer.

No one should take the field until 30 minutes have passed since the last occurrence of thunder or lightning. Coaches and players who do not adhere to this policy are subject to suspension or other disciplinary action.
Referees are responsible for monitoring weather conditions and Team Captains should account for all players.

The referee will make the final decision to resume play or suspend the match.


Determining the Outcome of a Match (Game cancellations due to Weather) 

If a game is suspended by the head referee due to severe weather conditions the result of the match will stand if the first half has been completed. If the first half has not been completed, the game may be rescheduled by the league at a later date, depending on field availability.

Caledon East Soccer Complex - RULES
All participants and spectators are expected to keep their areas clean of any garbage (water bottles, tape, etc.).

Park only in designated spaces; do not park on grass or dirt areas.

Alcohol and smoking are prohibited at the fields or in the parking lot.