Ontario Soccer Update: Peel Moves to Phase 1 of Return to Play
June 22, 2020

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and governmental sport and public health advisors, continues to monitor the most recent
developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Government of Ontario announced recently that it is increasing the social gathering limits from 5 to 10 people and that it will be taking a
regional approach, in their Stage 2 plan, for the re-opening of the economy.

Also included in this announcement was the directive that Outdoor Amateur Team Sports can begin “training” under Ontario Soccer Phase 1
in specific regions of the province.

As of June 24, 2020, the following Districts are able to enter Phase 1 of the Ontario Soccer Return to Play plan:

  • Durham Region Soccer Association
  • East Central Ontario Soccer Association
  • Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association
  • Elgin-Middlesex Soccer Association
  • Hamilton Soccer
  • Huronia District Soccer Association
  • Lambton-Kent Soccer Association
  • Niagara Soccer Association
  • North York Soccer Association
  • Peel Halton Soccer Association
  • Sault Amateur Soccer Association
  • Scarborough Soccer Association
  • Soccer Northeastern Soccer Association
  • Soccer Northwestern Soccer Association
  • Soccer North
  • Southeast Ontario Soccer Association
  • Southwest Region Soccer Association
  • Sudbury-Regional Soccer Association
  • Toronto Soccer Association
  • York Region Soccer Association

The following region will remain in Stage 1 of the provincial plan until it is safe to move into Stage 2:

  • Essex County Soccer Association

The above District Soccer Association has not been cleared as of yet to commence with Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play “Phase 1 Training”.

Ontario Soccer is mirroring the Government of Ontario regional approach for the restart to sports this summer, with 33 Public Health Units now
cleared to move to Stage 2 of the government’s plans.

Please be advised of the following critical sport specific steps that your organization must now take to begin Return to Play and the
directives from Ontario Soccer, in alignment with Canada Soccer on soccer’s implementation plan.



  1. Ontario Soccer has now been provided through the Province of Ontario, direction on Return to Play safety protocol and guidelines.
  2. Canada Soccer and the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors have both approved Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide and Plan. The plan can now be implemented by Ontario Soccer affiliated Clubs and Academies where regionally permitted to do so.
  3. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must read and understand Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (the plan) – Protocols and Recommendations document.
  4. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must prepare their own Return to Play Plans for use within their membership. Use of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (the plan) is encouraged.
  5. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must complete Canada Soccer’s Risk Assessment Tool. Please do not complete this tool until you have completed step 3 and 4 above. Access by each Club and Academy must be done so by one single source.

The Canada Soccer Online Risk Assessment Tool was sent directly to Club and Ontario Registered Academy Administrators last week. If you believe your Club or Academy Administrator has not received the Online Risk Assessment Tool, please contact Patty Forbes, Director, Administrator.

The Ontario Soccer Return to Play Guide/Plan consists of a three-phase approach that includes:

Phase 1: Return to Training (modified training)  

Conditions: All Phase 1 Return to Train conditions are met

Restrictions: No contact, no league, exhibition, festival or tournament games

Phase 2Return to Training and Modified Games (enhanced training & modified games)

Conditions: All Phase 2 Return to Train conditions are met

Inter-squad and Intra-squad modified games permitted (only within the Club/Academy)

Restrictions:   No league, exhibition, festival or tournament games

Phase 3Return to Soccer (regular competition, games and training)

Conditions: Social distancing restrictions have been lifted

Restrictions: None

The phases outlined above apply equally to all recreational, competitive and high performance level soccer.

Note: Ontario Soccer will determine timelines for each Phase in alignment with the Province of Ontario provincial health authorities involving government orders, restrictions and guidelines. This will be communicated via future Action Bulletins when applicable.

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